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Bamboo Chronicles: The Saga of the Verdant Giant

History bears the evidence of the fact that different cultures have been using the versatility of Bamboo since centuries. Bamboo, a miraculous plant which is the member of the grass family, forms an important forest produce and has remarkably made its way in the current economic setup. The bamboo tree gives important life lessons as by nature it is flexible yet firm, delicate yet strong. The story of a bamboo tree goes by the saying:

The first year it sleeps,

The second year it creeps,

The third year it leaps.

With around 1400 different species around the world (148 occurring in India) -Bamboo has great regeneration abilities which makes it grow faster and taller in no time. Cutting bamboo actually stimulates its growth as a cut bamboo stalk will simply unfurl new leaves. These leaves will process down the energy to the roots and further encourage growth of new shoots. The more it gets harvested, the more it spreads it coverage and that makes bamboo a renewable and a sustainable resource.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo

The most bankable features being lightweight and high durability have made it garner the attention for all right reasons. These environment friendly trees are harvested at their right age and can be transformed into a variety of products. A person skilled in the art can carve out innumerous products by cutting bamboo culms in different sizes and shapes. Further the procedure of engraving, sanding, polishing and coating the piece is followed to bring out desired category of products.

In today’s day and age, single use plastics are majorly contributing to environmental degradation posing catastrophic effects on flora and fauna. Bamboo acts like boon of nature amidst soaring levels of environmental toxicity and its incredible potential can be attributed to its phenomenal characteristics. Bamboo is an incredible renewable resource which is compostable/biodegradable. It decomposes fast and releases its nutrients back into the earth which helps the soil and plants to flourish.

Does it really matter? Bringing on your table a range of bamboo products that are non-toxic and act like a superpower for saving our environment grasping for a breath of fresh air!

Yes, it does! When intensively harvested and efficiently managed, bamboo can sequester up to 1.78 tonnes CO2 per clump every year. This can bring down the emission curve of CO2 up to 10X faster than that by woody tress. Isn’t that amazing? And that’s the whole idea that drives our motto to come up with a range of tableware can make you feel good about using a sustainable product that comes along with a long trail of advantages.

Vambhah Bamboo is committed to explore plethora of possibilities this natural treasure called ‘Bamboo’ withholds and indulges in creating subdued yet aesthetically appealing range of eco-friendly products.

Beauty, Durability and Sustainability form a beautiful union here at VAMBHAH BAMBOO.

And also, we foster within us what a Bamboo tree stands for: THE HIGHER YOU GROW…THE DEEPER YOU BOW!

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