Bamboo’s Roots in Traditional Medicine
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Bamboo: Exploring it’s Healing Powers, Uses from Traditional Medicine to Modern Science

Bamboo has been a symbol of resilience within flexibility. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries now. From ancient healing practices to new and modern scientific healing approaches, bamboo has benefits for healing and cure. If you want to incorporate Bamboo into your daily life, Vambhah Bamboo is the right place for you.

Bamboo’s Roots in Traditional Medicine

Bamboo found in lush landscapes of Asia, has been a plant of importance for a long time. When you think bamboo, it reminds you of Pandas and China. And not wrongly. Bamboo has always been considered a nourisher and healer in Traditional Chinese Medicine for ages. Bamboo is called “Zhu” in Mandarin. It’s leaves, shoots and secretions, almost every part of bamboo have some benefit in treating some ailments. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, bamboo has cooling properties. This means it can be used in case of high body heat. Detoxification promotes the healing process.

Wisdom from Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the Ancient Medicine Wisdom from India, also incorporates bamboo in its elements of natural remedies with similar reasoning as Chinese medicine. Ayurveda refers to bamboo as ‘Vanshlochan’, which refers to its siliceous secretions which contain rejuvenating, bringing energy qualities. Bamboo is considered to balance out body energy or “doshas” promote digestion and make the respiratory system better.

Discoveries from Now

Not just ancient medicine sages but present-day modern research and science back up these claims. Recent researches indicate the potential of bamboo’s healing properties through their findings. Bamboo contains silica which is known to be good for skin hair and nails. This is similar to the compound found in hot springs that helps with skin ailments. Bamboo is also found to be better at fighting against osteoporosis.

Vambhah Bamboo

A Powerhouse of Antioxidants

Bamboo leaves are known to be abundant in antioxidants. These fight against stress and also reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Antioxidants combine with the cooling and anti-inflammatory properties of bamboo, and it becomes a perfect choice for addition to skincare, bringing you youthful skin.

Versatile yet Sustainable

Beyond health, bamboo itself is a strong and multipurpose sustainable resource. It grows fast and can thrive without any pesticides. This makes it a pretty eco-friendly resource, apart from just being medicinal. It can be used to make many different products as a substitute for wood products and even fabric. Also, its anti-bacterial properties and cooling properties make it a good hypoallergenic resource.


Bamboo has journeyed from being a medicine to an addition to skincare and now it is used for naked general everyday products to promote sustainable living and an eco-friendly environment. Combining traditional medicine, ancient wisdom, and modern findings bamboo is the one resource we can use for it’s every part. For bamboo products, you can visit Vambhah Bamboo for daily life products.

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