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Vambhah Bamboo Spoon+Fork Set (Pink)


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No matter how hard you try, feeding your kids has never been easy, Isn’t it?

Three Cheers! Here we are to involve your kids in eating mindfully with our Vambhah Bamboo Fork & Spoon Set! 

This set comes with exciting colors like Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Grey…
Let your kid decide..!! 

They are attractively crafted especially for kids and Toddlers to make their Mealtime Fun, Seamless Easy Weaning with Safety non-slip Silicon grips Without Compromising on Health. The coolest part about our product is that It’s Durable and free from Toxins! 


  • Material: 100 % Natural Bamboo Product & Food grade silicon.
  • What’s Inside:Vambhah Bamboo Apple plate with Suction and a Spoon
  • Dimensions of Spoon & Fork: 15 x 1 cm and 15.5 X 1cm
  • Country of Origin: China
It’s no secret that parenting is tough but …
Take a count on us, here We are to make it a bit easier for you, Have a glance at the Benefits of our product !!
  • Supreme Bamboo Quality: Vambhah Bamboo ensures you high-end quality natural bamboo Products with Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal properties. The products are stronger & thicker.
  • “The end” to Food Spills: The plate is designed in an exciting apple shape with Partitioned Compartments and Non-Slip Silicon grips. The Suction ring of the plate is provided at the bottom to ensure balance while feeding the kids.
  • Sustainable & Natural: First Things First, We are BAA-free and non-toxic. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and Organic.
  • Food Grade Silicon Grip & Toxin Free: Kids Tend to bite the cutlery, Our Product is natural and harmless for the baby. It is designed with the utmost care and hygiene to provide your little one with a toxin-free and safer mealtime.
  • Fascinating design: This is a Stylish and Sustainable tableware, We are sure that your kids will love to eat with this as it makes their mealtime fun as Kids love colors!
  • Durability: We crafted this with a beautiful design that Spotlights the Luxury and Longevity of our Products. It is a Reusable and Durable Tableware
  • Easy to Clean: Wash properly with Soapy Water before the First use and dry. Later a simple wash with water and a mild soap is good to go.
  • Well-Seasoned Wood:To avoid the chances of breakage & bending of wood, Our bamboo is pre-seasoned to increase the Longevity of our products.
  • Serve with Ease:The plate is a Perfectly Partitioned plate for meals to feed your kid easier, faster, and more enjoyable every day!

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