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Bamboo vs Traditional Wood vs Plastic: Exploring the Benefits of Bamboo Tray

Trays are generally needed every day for serving, storing or decorating in homes. When it comes to choosing a tray from home, it can become overwhelming sometimes. Plastics, ceramics, and wood trays have their own advantages, but a bamboo tray is one of the unique choices. The bamboo serving trays are uniquely eco-friendly, durable and also versatile in use. You can find bamboo trays on the Vambhah Bamboo site. Let’s see why bamboo trays are so much better than traditional trays: 


  • Bamboo trays are produced from a renewable source. Bamboo is an unusual type of grass that grows exceedingly swiftly; it has been found to expand up to one meter every 24 hours. 
  • Since bamboo is so fast-growing, it is one of the most environmentally friendly sources and produces bamboo trays. 
  • Bamboo farming needs comparatively little water and no added fertilizers or pesticides. Hence, you will support greener alternatives by purchasing bamboo trays and feel better about the future.


  • Another benefit of the bamboo material is its strength. Bamboo trays have a tensile strength higher than steel, allowing them to be heavily used without warping or cracking. 
  • This implies the product may be used for several years if properly looked after and cleaned while not sacrificing the desired aesthetic.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo


  • Bamboo trays are available in various forms and sizes, making them acceptable for all sorts of applications. 
  • They can be used to serve food and drinks, to store accessories, or to demonstrate decor items. Bamboo trays are primarily lightweight, which makes them simple to transport; no specialists will be required to relocate the trays from one spot to the other.

Water Resistance

  • Given the nature of bamboo, trays made of this material are naturally resistant to water. 
  • This quality allows for their use in the presentation of both food and drinks, as little spills and splashing during usage do not affect them. 


  • Due to the low-tech manufacturing process, bamboo trays are often available at reasonable prices that are similar to or even cheaper than wood or plastic trays. 
  • Vambhah Bamboo, offers a range of such eco-friendly options, varying from bamboo trays round to bamboo trays with 2 or 4.


To sum up, unlike conventional wooden and plastic trays, bamboo trays benefit from a low impact on the ecosystem coupled with remarkable resiliency, flexibility, water resistance, and affordability. When you decide to opt for the products developed by Vambhah Bamboo, you indicate that you are an environmentally conscious individual that supports sustainable living conditions. Be it a serving tray, storage or interior design option, bamboo trays will cater to your needs, if you seek versatility and low-impact products.

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